• Successful products
    Our implant systems are simple, ergonomic and reliable and are known for their proven surgical and esthetic results.
  • State-fo-the-art technology
    We use innovative technologies to create high quality products with advanced design and precise mating geometries.
  • Science & Innovation
    Our R&D team consists of scientists, engineers and dental professionals with extensive experience in the development of implant systems and prosthetic components.
  • Excellent service
    We provide an excellent customer support and organize regular meetings, lectures and workshops for advanced training of dental implantologists.
  • Quality & Lifetime warranty
    We strictly adhere to the international standards of quality control and provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on the implant systems.

Implantology for everyone

Modern implantology seeks for simple and comprehensive solutions for dental procedures enabling the dentists to achieve functional and aesthetic results with the guarantee of high quality. SUNRAN’s implant systems, abutments, biomaterials, surgical tools and drills serve this purpose in the best way.

We offer a range of cost-effective, simple, ergonomic and reliable implant and prosthetic systems with successful clinical results. Our implants are based on two connections - an internal hex connection and a conical hex connection. The prosthetic system based on a universal platform allows dentists to use a single restoration line for each implant connection. SUNRAN’s universal surgical kit is compatible with all products and ensures optimal number of components for conducting any kind of prosthetic procedures.

SUNRAN’s overriding priority is the highest quality of the manufactured products and the services we provide. Company provides its customers with a lifetime warranty on the implant systems and strictly adheres to the international standards of quality control.