• Description and Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Implant Range
  • Surgical Protocol

The Harmonious™ implant is an improved cylindrical implant. It provides great surface area, stress distribution and good control during implantation procedure. The Harmonious™ implant is simple and easy-to-use.

In the process of placement, the Harmonious™ implant cuts into the bone with far less friction due to the features of its design and ensures multidirectional fixation. It is suitable for one or two-stage surgical protocol and all bone types. However, it is highly recommended for bone types I and II.

The cylindrical shape combined with the implant's cutting taper ensures easy insertion with minimal pressure on the surrounding bone. The Harmonious™ implant is an excellent solution for hard bone.

One Prosthetic Platform for All Implant Diameters

Implant Diameter
D1, mm
P, mm
D2, mm C, mm
3.3 3.75 2.9 0.5
3.75 3.75 3.0 0.5
4.2 3.75 3.6 0.5
5 3.75 4.5 0.5

Raw Material

The Harmonious™ implant is made of Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI (Extra Low Interstitials). This type of alloy combines excellent biocompatibility and strength properties.

Package Content

The Harmonious™ implant package consists of:

  • Inside tube
  • Harmonious™ implant
  • Implant carrier
  • Cover screw
Length, mm   10 11.5 13 16
Cat. №   SI-H1033 SI-H1133 SI-H1333 SI-H1633
Length, mm 8 10 11.5 13 16
Cat. № SI-H0837 SI-H1037 SI-H1137 SI-H1337 SI-H1637
Length, mm 8 10 11.5 13 16
Cat. № SI-H0842 SI-H1042 SI-H1142 SI-H1342 SI-H1642
Length, mm 8 10 11.5 13 16
Cat. № SI-H0850 SI-H1050 SI-H1150 SI-H1350 SI-H1650

Drill Sequence

  • The drill may be used throughout the entire implant’s length, where the cortical bone is soft.
  • The drill may be used as a countersink where the cortical bone is hard.


  • All drills are available with internal or external irrigation, straight or conical.
  • Additional drill diameters are available.
  • In cases of extremely hard bone it is recommended to make adjustments.
  • Protocol recommended by Sunran should not replace the dental surgeon judgment and experience.
  • Drill sterilization should be carried out in accordance with the Sunran sterilization protocol.