Company Profile

SUNRAN is a modern and fast growing company specializing in the development, production and marketing of advanced products and innovative solutions for dental implantology. We offer a wide range of implant systems, prosthetic components and biomaterials, tools and kits. Our company adheres to the highest quality standards providing our customers with the best service possible.

SUNRAN bases its activities on the results of the latest research in the sphere of implantology with the purpose of finding solutions for a whole range of clinical situations.

Company’s activities are focused on the needs and requirements of dental implantologists. The implant systems offered by the company are simple, ergonomic and reliable. The universal restoration platform with internal hex designed by the company may be used with suprastructures of all diameters. This allows dentists to focus exclusively on the patient's individual needs and the peculiarities of restoration procedures in the process of prosthetics.

SUNRAN’s Universal Surgical Kit ensures optimal number of components for conducting any kinds of prosthetic procedures. Company’s kits are designed on the basis of the traditional approach to prosthetics ensuring that they are easy to master and use and making it possible to lessen the number of additional required instrumentation.

SUNRAN’s overriding priority is the highest quality of the manufactured products and the services we provide. Company provides its customers with a lifetime warranty on the implant systems and strictly adheres to the international standards of quality control complying with EN ISO 13485:2012 Quality Management System for Medical Devices.

SUNRAN broadens its presence on the international market and distributes its products through the global network of certified sales representatives and distributors providing an excellent service and customer support. Our experts organize regular meetings, lectures and workshops for advanced training of dental implantologists in different cities of the world.