• Description and Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Implant Range
  • Surgical Protocol

The Brevis™ implant is a short & wide conical implant. Its tapered body geometry and variable-thread design ensure easy insertion and superior primary stability. The Brevis™ implant is a self-tapping and self-condensing implant that guarantees excellent results in the areas with limited bone volume.

Thanks to the Brevis™, dentists have extensive opportunities in complex clinical situations. Its short length allows not to affect the maxillary sinus and inferior alveolar nerve and eliminates the need for numerous and costly bone plastic surgery.

The implant thread depth varies along the length of the implant. It is deeper at the implant apex and gradually becomes shallower towards the neck, resulting in horizontal bone condensing. Also, the thread is sharper at the apex, gradually thickening towards the neck. This ensures high insertion properties of the implant as well as vertical condensation of bone.

In many clinical cases, short implants are a better solution. The Brevis™ implant is a perfect solution for the limited alveolar bone height.

One Prosthetic Platform for All Implant Diameters

Implant Diameter
D1, mm
P, mm
L, mm
D2, mm C, mm
5 3.75 6 6 0.5

Raw Material

The Brevis™ implant is made of Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI (Extra Low Interstitials). This type of alloy combines excellent biocompatibility and strength properties.

Package Content

The Brevis™ implant package consists of:

  • Inside tube
  • Brevis™ implant
  • Implant carrier
  • Cover screw
Length, mm 6
Cat. № SI-V0850

Drill Sequence

  • The drill may be used throughout the entire implant’s length, where the cortical bone is soft.
  • The drill may be used as a countersink where the cortical bone is hard.


  • All drills are available with internal or external irrigation, straight or conical.
  • Additional drill diameters are available.
  • In cases of extremely hard bone it is recommended to make adjustments.
  • Protocol recommended by Sunran should not replace the dental surgeon judgment and experience.
  • Drill sterilization should be carried out in accordance with the Sunran sterilization protocol.